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Public Relations

Public relations is a separate management role that assists an organization and its publics in establishing and maintaining mutual channels of communication, understanding, acceptance, and collaboration.

Module 01: Introduction to Public Relations
•    Introduction
•    The Objective of Public Relation
•    Functions of Public Relations
•    Public Relationship Management
•    Principles of Public Relations Management

Module 02: Motivations for Public Relation
•    Introduction
•    Task and Skills in Public Relations
•    Distinctions 

Module 03: The Principles of Public Relations and Communications
•    Introduction
•    The Principles of the Public Relations and Communications 
•    The Public Relations Principles

Module 04: Public Attitude
•    Introduction
•    How Are Attitudes Formed?
•    Types of Attitude and Behaviour

Module 05: Convergence and Integrated Communication
•    Convergence
•    Divergence
•    Marketing

Module 06: Relationship Management
•    Introduction
•    Managing Relationship
•    New Driven Relationship
•    Commerce Driven Relationship
•    Employee Relation

Module 07: Planning in Public Relations
•    Introduction
•    Hierarchy of Outcome
•    McGuire Hierarchy Effects for Planning
•    Strategic Planning

Module 08: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
•    Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Philanthropy
•    Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Organizational Responsibilities to Stakeholders
•    Ethics and Business Practice
•    Changing the Culture and Changing Organizational Ethics

Module 09: Internal Communications
•    Introduction
•    Building the Community 
•    Advocacy 
•    Research Approaches
•    Channels 
•    Push 
•    Pull 
•    Community 
•    The Role of Line Managers

Module 10: Consumer Public Relation
•    Consumer Public Relation
•    Public Relation and the Marketing Mix 
•    Integrated Marketing Communications
•    The Development of Marketing Public Relations
•    The Evolution of Consumer PR
•    Marketing Communication

Module 11: Business to Business Public Relation
•    Introduction
•    Characteristics of B2B PR
•    Activities used in B2B Public Relations Campaigns 
•    Coordinating the Communications Disciplines 
•    Media Relations 
•    Role of Public Relations 
•    Role of Direct Marketing 
•    Role of Sales Promotion 
•    Role of Advertising 

Module 12: Public Relations (PR), Professionalism and Ethics
•    Introduction
•    Professional Ethics
•    Situationist Ethics 
•    Discourse Ethics 
•    Virtue Ethics
•    The Ethics of Codes 
•    Excellence 
•    Advocacy 
•    Relationship Management 
•    Critical Theory 

Module 13: Strategic Public Relation Planning and Management
•    Introduction
•    External Environment 
•    Macro Environment 
•    Globalization 
•    Pluralism and Activism 
•    Task Environment 
•    Scope of Public Relations Planning 
•    Setting Aims and Objectives

Module 14: Crisis Public Relation Management
•    Introduction
•    The Value of Strategic Communication
•    Three-Stage Crisis Life Cycle
•    How to Prepare for a Crisis?
•    Value of Preparation
•    The Need to Test Crisis Management Plans
•    Communicating During a Crisis 
•    Crisis Communication

Module 15: Public Relation and Target Consumer
•    Public Relations and Marketing 
•    PR Bullshit 
•    Media Relations 
•    Sponsorship 
•    The Media Landscape
•    A Shift to Owned Media 
•    Virtual Influence 
•    New Activities and Practices

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