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Admin Quick Tips - Building Confidence

20 Apr, 2021 | Confidence | Return|

Admin Quick Tips for: Building Confidence

We are providing any secrets that are only known to us, but we will provide some things to consider to help build your confidence in the workplace.

Build Your Strengths

It is proven that a great way to help build your confidence is to concentrate on your Strengths, never your weaknesses.  If you know what you do well, run with it.  Expand on those skills and own your ability to do it with extreme confidence.  The more you can do this with multiple skills, the more you expand your tool box.  Your confidence will be higher when competing for a raise, promotions within your organization or maybe a new job. 

No Negative Thoughts

If you think negative about yourself, it will be very easy to lower your confidence.  The best way to be more confident is to eliminate negative thoughts and switch to a positive mindset.  When you have a positive mindset, you will find it easier to learn and your confidence will rise.

Consume Knowledge

People in high positions consume a lot of content.  CEO's for example read a lot of books, listen to audio books, listen to podcast, the list goes on.  The more you consume the more you expand you skills and increase your confidence.  Pick some topics that come into play with your job to increase your knowledge.  Before you know it, your confidence will be soaring.

Always Focus on Improving

We all know the saying, practice makes perfect.  However, its also about understanding your process and reflecting on whether you could improve the next time you do it.  This doesn't mean overthink your process, but be aware of your proces and correct when you think change is necessary.  

Complement Your Skills

There is always room for improvement, and learning new skills will not only enhance proficiency at your job, but will also boost confidence. A good tip is to watch what other people do successfully, and copy how they do it. View tutorials designed to help you hone your skills and become a better worker. Pick useful skills such as time management, organization, assertiveness, the list goes on. 

See a link at bottom to explore courses for these skills.

Asking Questions = Learning

This one is very important.  Never be afraid to ask questions when you don’t know something. If you do a task incorrectly because you don’t fully understand it, I think we could both agree this is not a good way to boost confidence. If you’re uncertain how something should be done, ask someone else what you need to do.  We also believe having a mentor is always a great way to learn quicker.

Additionally, don’t go about a project without fully understanding the brief. Ask for clarification of what precisely is required - this will also help your confidence.

Positive Language - Eliminate Negative 

The language you use can dictate your ability to do it. What does this mean? 

If your first thought is to say, I can't do that, what are you really saying?  You are closing your mind to what you can actually do.  Maybe you should consider saying... How could I do that?  The more you challenge yourself and see that you CAN find solutions to problems, you will see that your confidence will start to rise.  And, you will look forward to more challenging obstacles when they arise.

Avoid: Can't, Won't, Don't, 

Remember Success

Reflect on all your positive projects to help you build your confidence levels.

Did you meet a tight deadline?

Did you make changes to a project that received compliments?

The more you think of positives, the more you will understand you can do what you put your mind to and your confidence will continue to rise in the workplace.

Enjoy your job and make it a learning experience to build your confidence and professional skills for the future.


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