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In this article we will explain what the CCAPA Certification offers, what you’ll expect to pay, and why the CCAPA is not a good choice for some professionals.

Defining the CCAPA Certification Program

First, we’ll start off by explaining what the CCAPA Certification is. (If you already know this – feel free to skip it)

The CCAPA or The Canadian Certified Administrative Professional Associate is an online certification with courses being provided through the Association of Administrative Professionals’ (AAP) online portal.

Courses cover four of the five Centres of Expertise: Communications, Project Management, Technology & Computer Skills, and Business Operations.

AAP also offers the CCAP designation. What’s the difference?

The CCAP designation is a university level certification and is grounded in five Centres of Expertise:  Business Communications, Project & Event Management, Technology & Computer Skills, Business Operations, and Leadership.

The AAP administers the CCAP program, but the courses are provided by Canadian accredited universities and colleges across the country. They have partnered with several Canadian universities and colleges and have pre-approved their applicable courses.

The CCAPA covers four of the five Centres and was created for administrative professionals who prefer to work independently online and are not interested in the full leadership/management Centre of Expertise.

The CCAPA certification gives the opportunity for all administrative professionals to help make their professional vision a reality, no matter where they’re starting. Without the high costs and time commitments of any university programs.

However, what makes both programs exceptional is along with earning a certification that is recognized in the professional environment you get access to the AAP community, a group of peers excited to offer support, give you feedback, and celebrate wins.

CCAPA Compared to Its Competitors

What makes the CCAPA Certification different from its competitors?

A typical office administration or administrative assistant program is intended to help individuals get a job in the administrative field when they are just starting out or changing careers.

But, what if you’re already on an established career path and want to go further, or it’s time for a change? A 30–52-week diploma is always a choice, but there are also certificates that can be valuable – and that can get you where you want to be quicker.

CCAPA is different because instead of making that larger commitment, the CCAPA certification helps administrative professionals expedite this process by giving them the ability to attend self-study online courses wherever and whenever they have an internet connection. And although you’re registered for four different courses, there are no specific start dates, you can access them whenever you are available, and they are all accessible on the same place so the experience is seamless.

The Cost of the CCAPA Certification Program

Think Training's pricing page covers all you’ll need to know about courses, bundles, fees, and cost. Although, you can always talk to a Think Training salesperson who can help you figure out what would be most appropriate based on the exact skills and goals you're looking to achieve.

Think Training bundles many of its courses together into one package: The CCAPA Bundle. But all courses are available à la carte as well.

So, you only want to start with one course. What’s the cost?

Going All-In: The Cost Breakdown of the CCAPA Certification

Enrollment Fee


Individual Courses

$399 per course



Certification Renewal

CCAPA Renewal

$100 every three years


CCAPA Bundle



  • Four courses – one course selection from each of the centres of expertise
  • Exam Fee
  • Enrollment fee for the first year


So, Is It Worth It?

You want to grow and succeed in your career, and we want to help you get there. The CCAPA Certification Program is a perfect first step in connecting with fellow driven professionals, learning the skills and techniques you need to succeed, and discovering future opportunities for you to continue bringing even more value to your organization.

Whether you are just getting started and need to learn some fundamentals, or you’re well into your administrative professional journey and looking to master your craft, Think Training is your tool for success. Sign up for what you need, when you need it, and go at your own pace.

Not ready to spend any money? Dive into our free individual courses and start applying the principles to your career.

Starting to see results and want to dial it up? Upgrade to the full CCAPA Certification and unleash your potential.

Free On-Demand: Courses to Get You Started

  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Intro Course
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management

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