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ADMIN QUICK TIPS: Five-Step Method to Wipe Out Worry 

03 May, 2021 | Assertiveness | Return|


Yes, we all do it.  You are not alone if you get worried at work and have moments of anxiety throughout the work day.  Admins have busy days and are always dealing with sometimes stressful and urgent requests.  Here are some tips to consider when you start to feel worried at work.  


The Five-Step Method to Wipe Out Worry 

Postpone worrying: 

To do this properly, schedule perhaps a 30-minute worry break.  As soon as you catch yourself worrying, tell yourself you’ll really be able to worry about the matter at, say, 5 p.m.  When that golden time rolls around, sit down with paper and pen and worry to your heart’s content.  However, be sure to think your problems through completely, to the point where you figure out what you would do if catastrophe actually did strike. 

Be realistic about the downside: 

While you are sitting there with your paper and pen during your worry period, make yourself write out what could be the worst thing that could happen, regardless of what it is you are worrying about. Force yourself to be realistic about the possibilities that that will occur—30% likely, 50% likely, 90% likely? 

Focus on your successes: 

Still with your paper and pencil, compile a list of the many projects you’ve been involved with at work, and what the outcome was for each.  Chances are you’ve had a lot more success than failure. The trouble is that we have a short memory when it comes to success and a long memory about our failures in life.  Writing that list of successes can make a dent in your self-doubts. 

Take a short relaxation break: 

Either when worry strikes or nearing the end of your worry break, spend a few minutes to let the stress dissolve.  Sit quietly and focus on your breathing, sip herbal tea and visualize a restful scene, or give yourself a 10-second neck and shoulder massage. 

Breathe it out:

When your body is tense, you hold your breath. Focus on breathing. That can calm your nerves. Try to get your mind and your breath in sync. If your mind wanders, call it back. Concentrate only on breathing in and out. 


Be aware of how much you can control your emotions: 

(A) Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and try to feel happy by recalling a happy experience from the past, or by imagining a future happy event.   Put a big, bright smile on your face.  Sense the positive feelings this picture generates. 

(B) Close your eyes again.  Now try to feel sad.  Recall a sad experience from the past, or imagine what one could be like.  Put a droop to your mouth, and a frown on your face.  Sense the negative feelings this generates. 

Notice that as you completed these two little exercises, nothing had changed in your external environment. It’s not what happens to us but how we think about what happens to us that is important. 



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