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Assertiveness is Not a Personality Trait, it's a Skill We Can All Learn

An Online Course to Help You Be More Assertive At Work

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Assertiveness online course for administrative assistantsIncrease Your Self-Esteem

Assertiveness online course for administrative assistantsBuild Confidence & Feel In Control

Assertiveness online course for administrative assistantsExpress Your Opinion With Authority

We all have the right to express our feelings, values and opinions.

There is a perception that assertiveness is personality trait rather than a skill we learn, and because of that many people struggle with...

  • Feeling invisible in meetings and groups
  • Frustrated with not being taken seriously
  • Asking others to see their preferences as important
  • Feeling powerless in day-to-day dealings with people
  • The fear that they will come across as "aggressive"
  • Fear another person’s anger or disapproval

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more assertive, taking control of your life in the process.

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Communicate In a Way That Says “I’m a Professional”

Complete this course with us and you’ll never again feel invisible in meetings and groups, powerless in day-to-day dealings with people, and frustrated with not being taken seriously.

Don’t miss this opportunity for enhanced communication skills that really work.

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How Do You Add Being Assertive to Your Resumé?


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Learn the simple techniques to assertiveness


Master the art of being assertive

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By Taking the Mastering the Art of Being Assertive Course You'll…


Learn how to create positive self-expectations and develop self-talk messages that help build self-esteem.


Identify communication tools to help you be more assertive and handle conflicts and confrontations with dignity and control.


Speak with greater ease in meetings & presentations. Be able to recognize key assertive behaviours and techniques.

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Free PDF Guide on Assertiveness

But how assertive are you? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you able to say no when you don’t want to do something?

If you feel like you are always struggling with the ability to say 'no' then you may fall into the category of passive behaviour.

2. Do you speak up when your opinions are different from others?

If you have the ability or feel comfortable in most situations speaking up when your opinions are different from other, you may be on your way to being more assertive.

3. In most situations, is it your way or the highway?

If you are feeling in most situations that your way is the best way you may fall into the category of aggressive behaviour.

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