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Earn your Administrative Professional Associate Certification

The CCAPA Certification consists of expert-led classes to help you grow your career.


CCAPA Certification

No Experience Necessary

There is no minimum work experience required to enroll in the CCAPA Program.

CCAPA Certification

Professionally Recognized

A certificate earned from the AAP is recognized in the professional environment.

CCAPA Certification

Competitive Advantage

Set yourself apart from the competition when a potential employer views your resume.

CCAPA Certification

Opportunities Await

Greater challenges and opportunities await those with a CCAPA certification.

CCAPA Certification

Learn, Grow, Thrive

Celebrate successes, achieve recognition and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment.


How do I earn my CCAPA certification?

You must be a member of the AAP to enroll in the CCAPA program. The program covers the content of four of our five Centres of Expertise:

  • Communications
  • Project Management
  • Technology/ Computer Skills
  • Business Operations


Professional Certificate for Administrators

Online Student Portal

Once you are a member and have enrolled with your chosen courses you will be given access to your student portal. You will then be able to complete the courses to earn your CCAPA certification.

All courses are available to purchase individually or as a package and are completed online.

New Courses

Certificate for Administrators

Business Writing

Learn how to enhance your organizational profile and capture your thoughts on paper so they are strong and persuasive, but at the same time clear, concise, complete and correct.

Certificate for Administrators

Communicating for Results

Learn to influence and improve relationships through understanding the tone of voice, choice of words, body language and the context in which you speak affects communication.

It's time to show pride in yourself and in your career.

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What AAP members are saying

My boss is very enthusiastic and supportive of my studies and of my working towards this designation. She sees that not only will it benefit me but it benefits the organization to support me in growing myself as an Executive Assistant.

It’s been wonderful to meet new people and challenge myself to learn new things. I have truly enjoyed my studies so far. I also love the flexibility that I can take the courses online as I have 2 small children and a partner who works shift work, so committing myself to one night per week at class was difficult! Thank you to the Association for providing such a wonderful program to assist all of us to grow, learn and evolve in our roles.

Sue C. Barrie/Simcoe County Branch

The Association has provided me with the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and take on challenges that are not within my skillset. My employment has benefited greatly because I have learned to be very confident in my abilities and I am always willing to not only take on new responsibilities and tasks but to also share everything that I learn with others. The wonderful friends I have made continually inspire me to grow as a person, teach me to see things in differently, and support me in my endeavours.

Wendy N., CCAP Member at Large

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How long it takes to complete your CCAPA Certification is completely up to you and is dependent on your schedule and how much time you can allot each day to going through the courses. everyone learns at a different pace and everyone has different schedules - that's why the CCAPA Certification is completely online!
Each course has a cost of $399.00 CAD individually, with a $249 exam fee and a $200 AAP enrollment fee. There is also a bundle option which is a one-time-payment including one compulsory course and three electives of your choice, plus the enrollment fee, PLUS the exam fee.
Your certificate is valid for three years. The renewal fee is $100 every three years.
There are 100 questions to this exam and should take 1 hour to complete. You must answer 75 questions correctly to pass.
Work experience is an important component of our program. To earn the certification you must have a minimum of three years’ experience (two with a Bachelor’s of Administration). Verification of core competencies is required before certification is awarded.
The certification renewal period is three years starting from when you are awarded your certification. The certification renewal fee of $100 covers the three-year period. Certification renewal credits(CRCs) must be attained during the renewal period. Thirty credits are required for the CCAPA certification renewal.


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